Will Hollimon


Will Hollimon in Braille.


Foundational quote for image generation:

“Early in life, I realized music is my main interest and passion.  It was the thing I wanted to do. It’s the best feeling in the world, whenever I sit down at a drumkit. Drums have always been something I can play well enough since I was four or five.”

The image is a detailed and imaginative illustration, capturing a young man (Will Hollimon) engrossed in playing a drum set. He wears black-rimmed glasses and a teal-colored shirt, and he appears to be deeply immersed in the rhythm, holding drumsticks and surrounded by various musical elements.

The backdrop is a fantastical whirlwind of objects and creatures, seemingly floating or swirling around him in a dreamlike state. These include planets, a cassette tape, a red electric guitar, old radios, a rotary telephone, musical notes, a light bulb, a metronome, and many more eclectic items. Each object adds to the sense of a creative and inspirational musical universe.


Foundational quote for image generation:

“It’s just such a great feeling to meet someone at a show and I can connect with you because you were there and you saw me play. That interaction is incredible to me, people really care about what I do as a musician and that feels really good.”

The image beautifully captures the transformative journey through music and community. The town, bathed in the golden hues of a setting sun, symbolizes the ever-evolving world full of new experiences. 

From musicians on the bridge, to people listening intently, these characters epitomize the vibrancy of the community.  This whimsical town, bustling with life and color, captures the feeling of togetherness through the universal language of music.


Foundational quote for image generation:

“It’s looking pretty stable, nothing’s really changed. But they have told me that, like, I have the opportunity to do cataract surgery, which either could drastically improve my vision by removing my nearsightedness or make me fully blind. So they’re just very, I guess, hesitant on what to do about it. And I get why …”

The striking visual depicts a bridge spanning two vastly contrasting worlds, serving as a profound metaphor for the process of making impactful decisions.

On the left, the landscape is cool, serene, and bathed in a calming blue hue. This side represents the familiar comfort of the current reality.  Conversely, the right side is aflame with fiery oranges and reds. It’s an intense and unsettling representation of the unpredictable outcome of undergoing treatment or surgery. 

The bridge connecting the two realms embodies the impending decision. It’s narrow, seemingly fragile, and represents a path of no return. In essence, this image encapsulates the dichotomy of hope and fear, the known and unknown, as the viewer stands at the precipice of a life-altering decision, weighing the promise of success against the potential for failure.

Will leans forward on a chair with a big smile.



Born legally blind due to premature birth, Will is currently a college student, but is known for his skills in music, hosting events and filmmaking.

Music is life for Will Holloman, who has played drums since the age of three, now he plays professionally at the age of 20. His family said Will naturally knew the right motions for drumming from the time of childhood, sounding as good or even better than his sighted peers. He also plays piano, and enjoys composing and writing music with his bandmates.

Will is the Senior Ambassador for the Blind CAN Film Festival, he is from a family with a long line of state senators and enjoys networking, project management, promoting shows, and organizing bands (he plays drums for a total of SEVEN!). Will is a serious student both in college, and studying music. 

In addition to regular school and everyday life, Will has successfully completed a whole set of skill training for living independently with blindness. He trained at the Carroll Center for the Blind and lived on campus at Florida school for the deaf and blind in St. Augustine.

Will recently attended a drum and percussion workshop at Berkeley College of Music. He says that music is in everything and the reason to smile in all moments. He enjoys cross country trips with his family, and traveling.