Shardasia Hadley


Shardasia Hadley in braille.


Foundational quote for image generation:

“I’m into fashion at the moment. I like finding new and different styles of clothing, whether it be sort of chic or kind of baggy. I like being comfortable. And I like trying out certain colors to see how they look on me.”

This vivid and captivating collage is a tapestry of Shardasia’s love for fashion, in light of visual challenges. 

At the heart of the canvas stands a young woman (representing Dasia), depicted with her back turned to us, poised with confidence. Her striking yellow top is a beacon, symbolizing her vibrant spirit and innate ability to stand out amidst a world of visual stimuli.

The mosaic of images around her is a whirlwind of colors, textures, and silhouettes, representing the vast realm of fashion. From chic dresses to elegant blouses, these snippets mirror her aspirations, her dreams, and her deep-rooted love of style.


Foundational quote for image generation:

“I’m grateful and appreciative of the support my family gives me every day. And I’m happy that they accept me for having a disability and being able to help me with whatever I need. They’re always there when I need them the most.”

The canvas prominently features silhouettes of figures representing the love, guidance, and support of Shardasia’s family. The overlapping and interwoven backdrop, teeming with patterns, colors, and textual fragments, create a complex mosaic of seemingly tactile elements.

The children, some holding hands and others with outstretched arms, embody the playful yet protective nature of siblings. 

In summary, this image portrays Shardasia’s support system, guiding her through the intricate journey of challenges and triumphs, all bound together by their collective love and commitment.


Foundational quote for image generation:

“She tries to see the world through my perspective. And I really do appreciate that … joyriding is really fun for me, going out, running errands. We visit family throughout the day, but we like to just drive around together sometimes.”

This image depicts the enduring bond between Shardasia and her mother, capturing a carefree moment of joy. The image portrays Shardasia and her mother cruising down a picturesque boulevard, lined with majestic palm trees that stand tall against a fiery sunset. 

The sun, immense and glowing, not only sheds light on their path but also symbolizes the hope and warmth in their lives. It’s a testament to the radiant bond they share, one that outshines the darkest of moments.

Shardasia sits on a chair for her interview.



Shardasia is 18 years old, a Tallahassee local, currently a dedicated Target employee preparing for real estate school.  She has several eye conditions (Astigmatism | Coloboma | Microphthalmia | Cataracts) but maintains an incredibly positive outlook on the world.

Shardasia just graduated from James Richards High School, where her favorite things were to attend sporting events, and listen to music.  She invested her summers working diligently to gain experience in creative internships at Lighthouse of the Big Bend as mentor blind youth. Helping kids to keep their white cane skills up, and have the courage to learn braille, in addition to help with social skills. She also worked both as a mentor and camp counselor at other summer camps, doing arts/crafts and educational field trips.

Although Shardasia’s dream job would be to produce music, calling it a “safe haven” with a love for the messages that can be shared through music, but it is her love of personalizing her own clothes that surprises some people (because she is legally blind).

Shardasia found fashion as an outlet for creativity and expression at a young age saying you can do anything with fashion, making an image from your mind be in real life, things that have never been thought of before. She proved this by altering clothes her parents provided her when she was in middle school, creating something totally unique. 

She has a dream to help build community with her work and is beginning real estate school at FAMU or FSU this spring. She loves to see that properties are improved and fairly priced where people really can appreciate it. Shardasia has an Aunt who is blind who has been a good example of living with blindness. She is also the oldest sibling of 6 children, and enjoys living a full life. 

A message Shardasia has for others is: disability does not limit your abilities and what you can or cannot do. Don’t let people tell you what you can do. You CAN do so much!