Morten Bonde


Morten Bonde in Braille.


Foundational quote for image generation:

“I began training myself not to react so much to things happening around me. Just taking a deep breath. For example when someone drops something beside me and it makes a huge noise, I don’t need to react to it. This way, I’ve started to foster inner peace in outer chaos”

The image is a richly detailed and colorful portrayal of a person’s face, seemingly at the nexus of two contrasting realms: one of serene introspection and another of external tumult.

Centered in the composition is a face, depicted with eyes gently closed, exuding an aura of calm and tranquility. The facial features, while distinctly recognizable, merge with an array of orange, yellow, purple, and blue hues which give the impression of a person engulfed in a nebulous cloud or perhaps even the very fabric of the universe. And radiating from the forehead is a brilliant point of light, which infuses the surrounding ether with a soft glow, casting a mystical aura over the entire scene.

The backdrop, while cosmic in nature with its deep blues and pockets of starlight, transitions towards the bottom into a scene teeming with activity. A path meanders amidst figures that vary in size, suggesting varying distances. These figures, along with elements like trees and what appear to be architectural silhouettes, are enveloped in the same mesmerizing play of colors that cloaks the face.

When considering the theme of inner peace versus outer chaos in the context of retinitis pigmentosa, the symbolism is evocative. The closed eyes of the face could be interpreted as a visual reference to impending blindness. Yet, instead of a void, there’s a vibrant internal universe, symbolizing the power of the mind to transcend limitations.

The tranquility on the face starkly contrasts with the dynamic scene, which beautifully illustrates the dichotomy between inner peace and the chaos of the external world. The serenity of the face suggests that amidst chaos, one can find solace and peace within.


Foundational quote for image generation:

“I don’t believe in preaching or dispensing grand advice. So the first thing I would suggest is for you to look in the mirror and really examine what you see. Do you love what you see, or are you uncomfortable with it?”

The image displays a barren desert under a partly cloudy sky. In the midst of this desolate environment stands a large, vertical rectangular mirror. Intriguingly, the mirror doesn’t reflect the arid surroundings but instead reveals a tranquil lakeside scene. 

Next to the mirror, a man in a green suit stands, gazing intently at his own reflection. Within the mirror, he sees an identical version of himself standing by the peaceful lakeside, staring out across the water. A notable break in the center of the mirror disrupts this reflection.

When considered in the context of receiving a diagnosis leading to blindness, the image becomes deeply symbolic. The desert could represent the initial feelings of desolation, fear, and isolation. The mirror stands as a metaphor for introspection, urging the individual to be honest with themselves and their new reality. The serene lake inside the mirror can symbolize the potential for peace and tranquility.

This visual allegory suggests that even when confronted with losing one’s vision, individuals have the power to reflect and transform their lives through self-discovery and acceptance.


Foundational quote for image generation:

“There is an empty space within us, a place where everything is stripped away, leaving us at our core. It’s in that emptiness that new opportunities emerge. When you feel as though you’ve lost everything, that’s the moment you can create yourself anew.”

The image depicts a transparent cube placed on a smooth, reflective surface, seemingly in a dimly lit environment. Within this clear cube, a dense, swirling mist or cloud is captured, obscuring full visibility of what might lie beyond or within. The environment outside the cube is enveloped in a similar, but more diffuse and ambient, fog.

The cube represents a defined space of uncertainty and emotional turmoil. The swirling mist inside the cube symbolizes the confusion, fear — a storm of emotions and questions. The clear boundaries of the cube suggest a challenging reality that is undeniable, and intensely personal, filled with complex emotions and profound introspection.

Morten looks at the web cam.



Author / Mindfulness Instructor / Speaker / Art Director / Denmark

For more than 20 years, Bonde worked as a visual creative in the advertising industry, and developed and presented countless advertising campaigns for major brands in Denmark and abroad. Having spent the last decade as senior art director in the LEGO group. 

Today, Bonde is legally blind, stopped at the LEGO Group and is holding presentations, lectures and workshops for companies about how, among other things, mindfulness behavior, meditation and knowledge about mind and body can be a starting point for creating the future you want. When his whole world collapsed and when everything was at its bleakest, he experienced a sudden clarity for how to regain zest for life and emerge from the darkness stronger than ever before. He succeeded in returning from hopelessness to regaining a positive and indomitable view of life.

Bonde Says:

“It is my mission to show you how you can teach yourself to change your perspective on challenges and problems. How you can train yourself to focus your attention on what you want in life, rather than what you don’t want.

Due to a genetic eye disease, I am slowly losing my sight, but despite the fact that I may have a future in the dark, I have decided to look at it brightly and be grateful for every day of my life. It is my Conscious Choice.  I can choose to walk on Hopelessness Street or on Possibility Road. I have decided to walk on Possibility Road, and you are most welcome on the journey.”

Currently Bonde is a meditation teacher, mindfulness instructor, Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker, communicator and storyteller, with an ambition always to captivate, influence and motivate you to take back control and become the master of your own life. 

 On Morten’s website, you will find guided meditations, blog posts, podcasts, his book, Sentenced to Blindness – Now What?, YouTube films, Services, trailers and inspiration to take your steps towards Possibility Road.